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Spring Cleaning your Skincare Routine: Part 3

Protect The Skin Do use a sunscreen with an SPF level of at least 30, that will prevent both UVA and UVB damage, and don’t forget to reapply during the day. Thanks to technology, reapplication of SPF could mean dusting... Continue Reading →

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Spring Cleaning your Skincare Routine: Part 2

Treat the skinApply serum after prepping your skin. Serums often are very lightweight formulas that deliver potent ingredients deep into the skin to give them a boost. Serums will, for example, increases skin firmness, correct discoloration, smooth out fine lines... Continue Reading →

Spring Cleaning your Skincare Routine: Part 1

We all have had a times when we feel our skin is just not looking the part and can’t figure where we are going wrong. It could breakouts, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and so on, causing the skin to look... Continue Reading →

How to choose the best colour corrector and concealer

At times, our complexion becomes too flushed, pale or even a blemish may be noticeable, and it becomes hard to hide it. However, thanks to the color correcting techniques we can now hide the problems. The main aim of colour... Continue Reading →

Micellar Water ~ The Lowdown

Micellar Water as a product has reached peak popularity recently with multiple women switching to the product in place of the usual soap and water. As a skincare product, Micellar Water is used to remove make-up from the face while... Continue Reading →

Winter hair colour trends for African women

With so many resources we can turn to for inspiration, it’s become so much easier to find what works for you. Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube and celebrities, means you can match your skin tone to someone with a similar shade and... Continue Reading →

Winter body care with Himalaya Herbals: A review

When winter comes round I've noticed that a lot of people tend to put aside their beauty regimens - either because it's too cold to spend time on it or because in their minds 'it's all covered up and no... Continue Reading →

Review: Ladybug Red ~ subscription box

I'm sure many of you are familiar with the latest trend to hit our shores, and that is subscription boxes. You can get a subscription box for just about everything these days. But today I'm super excited to share with... Continue Reading →

Teenage Skincare – where to start?

Skincare for teenagers can be difficult because they may find that their skin is oily one moment, and dry the next. Addressing exactly what kind of skin your teen has is the best place to start. In this post I... Continue Reading →

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