This has been highly requested over the past couple of months for some reason, I figured it was time to indulge you.
I came into contact with this amazing brand last year sometime, purchased a bottle and was pleasantly surprised that it kept to it’s promise. I indeed grew some hair on my ever-so-sad, non-existent hairline which had gone AWOL many years before and I had completely given up hope, after trying so many other products and remedies.
You must know, though, being an extremely passionate beauty blogger, I find it very hard to stick to one product for the longest, as I feel it doesn’t allow me the opportunity to trial and error a wide enough variety of products,  to review, for your benefit.
I purchased a new bottle of Feso about a month ago, after receiving numerous emails to do another review, and I have been as consistent as possible, making use of the product at least twice a week. The recommended application is three times per week.
Let me allow the results to speak for themselves. 

What do you think? 
For me personally, this has been the best hair growth aid I’ve come across, and I must tell you I’ve gone from vitamins to castor oil to mixing up of the cayenne pepper concoctions etc, so I would like to think I have a valid opinion on this. The quality of my new hair is thick and shiny – certainly more than I thought it could be.
Do share your opinions with me below.  For those of you in South Africa would you like me to buy up a bit of stock for ease of access to anyone wanting to purchase? Have you used an hair growth aid and seen a better result, than I got from Feso, after one month of use?