I thought this may be fun to do and see just how similar or different our makeup bags could be. So this will be a series of posts, featuring a few darling friends of mine, and I’m so grateful they we happy to take part.

What’s in your makeup bag ladies? Do you even carry/have a makeup bag (I ask because I have seen makeup Ziploc bags before)? Do you carry something totally different? Do share in the comments section below.

First up is Candice:

Q1. What’s in your makeup bag and why?

MAC base , MAC powder, MAC base , MAC powder , MAC Concealer, MAC Blush, MAC bronzer and their Mascara. Those are my key make up musts! They allow me to cover up any imperfections and enhance my natural features. 

Q2. Where did you get your makeup bag from and how long have you had it? 
I got my makeup bags from clicks and I’ve had them about a year now. 

Q3. Do you often go through your makeup bag and swop out any of your products? If you do, how often and what makes you swop? 
No, I don’t need to do swaps cause I keep all my make up on one bag. 

Q4. What is your favourite makeup item and brand?

MAC fixing spray is my favourite item and MAC is my favourite brand. 

Q5. If you were stuck on an island somewhere, what 3 makeup items would you not be able to survive without? 
I would definitely not be able to live without my base, my mascara and my bronzer. 

Q6. How do you describe your makeup style?

I would describe it as very varied, I like to play around so it can be extreme or natural from one day to the next