We live in a world of technology, which allows us access to products from any part of the world. Some cheaper and some more expensive. I thought it might be worthwhile share a few points on “fake” “dupe” “replica” makeup.

Yes we all love a good bargain, but it is still very important to be aware of the ingredients in the products we use. For example, the following ingredients are some of the most commonly found in these kinds of products: lead, arsenic, copper and mercury to name a few – I’m sure the list of possible cocktails is unending. These types of ingredients are known toxins to the body, best case scenario, you may just have an allergic reaction… opposite end of the scale, things like brain damage, cancer, side effects passed on to babies in pregnant women etc.

Think to yourself, yes, you want to look good, but is it really worth it to have some type of complication in the long run?

Could this be the cause of your acne, pigmentation issues, psoriasis etc?

Ways to spot a fake…

Most big and reputable brands will house their own products in their own branded stores, alternatively, you will find them in reputable department stores/stockists. For example, MAC, is a brand that has sadly been “copied” and is sold by people claiming to have bought it from other countries, or on ebay etc.. But, if you know MAC very well, you will know that you can only buy their products in their branded stores or online at their official website.

Counterfeit make up tends to be sold well below retail price, but not quite cheap enough for you to become suspicious, and double question the authenticity. If the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

If you own the original product and compare with the counterfeit one, you will definitely spot some differences. Be it different size font on the packaging, different consistency and wearablity of the product, slight differences in shade/colour, size of the applicator brush etc

So now what…

If you know you are not in a position to splurge out on high-end cosmetics, go for the mainstream/high-street ones. There are many official stockists of some fabulous high street brands. You will not only find they are good value for money, but they are good quality, reputable with long wearing benefits. All you need to do it have a look around and try new brands.

Have you ever had a bad experience after buying cosmetics that were not from an official source? Do you use “high street” or non “high end” brands and which are your favourites?