I thought this might just be an interesting post I could share with those of you who haven’t found products that work well with their hair, as well as those who like to experiment a little.
By the way, I am now back to having relaxed hair, and these products have been discussed on my now relaxed hair experience. Not to say that they won’t work on natural or any other hair type, so please all read on and enjoy 🙂
The first product is possibly one a lot of people didn’t expect, as I have seen some ‘not so good’ reviews on the range in general, but my hair thrives with this stuff…
Dr Miracle’s Deep Conditioning Treatment 
If you’ve never tried it before, this is a protein conditioner that promotes stronger hair growth. It has a “minty” tingling sensation when you apply it, which I don’t mind. I normally apply mine once a month, after shampooing, and leave it on overnight. It’s not difficult to rinse out at all, and I find using a good moisturising conditioner eg. Garnier Fructis, left on for about 5 minutes, balances out the “hardness” of the protein very well. It retails for about R17 a satchet at Clicks (I prefer the satchets because everything is quick, easy and measured out for the perfect quantity I need for my hair). I love that this product really does leave my hair feeling stronger and less vulnerable.

Vatika Black Seed Oil
I can not emphasise, enough, just how much I lurve all products Vatika!! But, for this post specifically, we will stick to the Black Seed Oil. I went through a phase where I was shedding a little too much hair and decided I needed to do something quick. Ordinarily, I would use the black tea rinse method, which works really well, but because I was pressed for time, I figured it would be quicker to use an oil that I could rub into my scalp quickly at night. This oil is very light weight, doesn’t have a very heavy scent and is also great for sealing (if you’re one that likes to use the moisturising and sealing technique). I noticed a huge improvement in the amount of hair I was shedding within the first week. Something else I noticed was my scalp has been itching a little more than usual (not like crazy embarrassing) but I think this is possibly because there are some stimulating properties to this oil. You should definitely research this oil, the list of benefits seems endless and might just come out  handy for you in areas other than your hair. I do plan to continue to use it until the bottle is empty, and will be happy to give a progress report at a later stage, should anyone require it. This oil retails for around R100 and I get it from the local Indian shops/market.

Garnier Fructis Conditioner
I’ve been using this conditioner for a while now and it hasn’t let me down. If you suffer from dry hair, this is a moisturising conditioner that leaves the hair feeling soft and silky, easy to comb through and detangle. I used this on my hair when I was natural and am still using it now, with the same great results, while I’m relaxed. I’m at the end of one bottle and relieved that I have a couple more in the stash to fall back on. Unfortunately, I bought this in Namibia, so I’m not to sure where you can find a regular supply in Joburg, will be sure to look around and update if anyone is keen.

Has anyone tried any of the above products or anything similar from another brand? What was your experience and do you have any staples?