Yes, I know.. you think I fell for the dead sea product “gimmick”.. this review may just surprise you..

So, most of us know of the small pop-up stands we see in the malls with reps promoting many different brands of skincare products from the dead sea. My hubby stopped to listen to the pitch and was convinced that I would love these products and decided buy me the skincare and the nail care packs. Maybe it was the 30 day money back guarantee that sealed the deal, who knows! As you would have it, I was slightly irritated as I thought he had just wasted his money buying a “cosmetic” product as opposed to a “medical grade” product. The Skincare Pack consisted of the moisturizer and a Skin Renewal Facial Peel, which I have not used as I’m quite content with the professional peels I get from time to time. 

Yup, the skincare therapist in me can be rather “stuck’up” at times… So anyway, I decided, after the moisturizer I was using at the time, that I would give this one a try. As always I started off by reading the ingredients label, what stood out the most was 1st ingredient was water, I was very happy about that, and what i wasn’t so keen on was mineral oil, but I figured I would overlook it as it was the 5th ingredient and fragrance which was close to the end of the list, meaning it wouldn’t make up a large proportion of the ingredients in it. It was also great to see some natural ingredients on the list eg. aloe vera, jojoba oil and vitamin E.

So the Avani Mineral Enriched Moisturizing Cream is actually meant for normal to dry skins (I’m normal-combination in the summer and normal-dry in the winter). It came well packaged in a frosted glass container which i really liked – would have been ideal if the glass was some dark colour as it preserves the integrity of the product longer (I believe).. but I decided I would store it in a drawer, which is dark, cool and dry, as opposed to on top of the vanity counter.

Mineral Enriched Moisturizing Cream

The cream was a thick rich consistency, so I only needed to use a pea sized amount to cover my face and another pea sized amount for my neck and décolleté. The scent was something i really enjoyed about it too. The cream didn’t break me out at all… it gave me a well hydrated & nourished finish. I was happy with the way my skin looked and felt. The jar lasted me about 3 months using it twice a day religiously (possibly because I was using so little and it would probably be about 2 months supply to a dry skin). I got a number of compliments about my skin so I guess it was doing a good job!

I would have liked to have had some sort of small spatula to scoop the product out with (less contamination) and I think more anti-ageing ingredients would have been nice too. If you are further ahead in years then I think using this product with conjunction with specialized serums/treatments would be of benefit,

Who would I recommend it to: anyone who is prone to really dry, flaky irritable skin (be it always or just for the winter months); any requiring hydration and good moisturization.

Who would I not recommend it to: anyone prone to breakouts, with oily skins, problematic skin in general, any skins that are sensitive/allergic to fragrance.

Would I buy it.. again..: Yes! Check out their website for more info, more products and pricing

I really did enjoy using it and was pleasantly surprised at the quality and overall performance of the product.

NB: I was not asked or paid to do this review, I am not affiliated to Avani in any way, this is my personal and honest experience that I decided to share!